Short’s Family Farm

Short’s Family Farm

1720 center Rd
Chimacum, WA 98325

Products sold: Meat

Short's Family Farm lies in the rain shadow of the beautiful Olympic Mountains. Our natural 100% grass fed and finished beef is grown on the lush pastures of Chimacum Valley. By frequently rotating pastures our cattle learn to appreciate our presence. We reward the cattle with fresh, untrammeled lush grass and clover and they reward us by being easy to handle. Even with over 100 mature cows and over 100 offspring, we know the unique individuality of the herd and they certainly know us. The established bond makes for a low stress environment. We manage special pastures for finishing 60-90 days before harvest to boost nutritional value, flavor, marbling and tenderness. All of the harvesting, cutting and wrapping is done under the watchful eye of a USDA inspector.
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USDA Inspected Raw Meat, USDA Inspected Processed Meat


Pasture Raised, Grass Fed, Grass Finished


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